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Monday, March 26, 2012

Its not always pretty..


Sometimes as a food blogger I feel as if I need to make everything look “pretty”. You know.. because everyone takes pictures of food..

By eating paleo this past week, (and for the next 20 days) I have discovered that it is not always pretty. I like to keep thing simple, I hate dishes, and messes so I try to limit how many I use while preparing my food. Which can actually lead to me just reheating things and eating straight from the tupperware, taking things by the handful and tossing it on a napkin to snack on, or simply eating 4oz of chicken straight from the ziploc.

Even if I take time to prepare the food it can turn out looking pretty… how do I put this? Interesting?…. It always taste fantastic though no matter what it looks like.

For Example:

Protein Shake-

Chocolate Protein+Blueberries+Spinach+Almond Milk+1tbs Unsweetened Cocoa Powder+Ice = grayish poop color. It isn’t the look that really counts, It’s the fact that it is packed with nutrients that are top notch fuel for my body. This actually ended up being very sweet and I enjoyed it to the very last slurp.


Example two: My SIL and BIL brought over spaghetti for dinner today and because I’m following the whole 30 challenge I couldn’t have the noodles so I simply zapped a spaghetti squash in the microwave for about 8 minutes and scraped half of it into a tupperware.. and topped it with the sauce! The meat in the sauce was actually venison! It was delish. Afterwards, I scraped the rest of the squash in there and tossed the lid on and popped it in the fridge for easy access tomorrow night! Simplicity at its finest. 


Example 3: Sunday, is typical brownie night in the Bement household. But because of the challenge.. I didn’t want to deprive myself of tradition.. so I figured I could make it happen still.. By checking out the guidelines of whole 30 I was reminded that I’m not even allowed to have honey, agave, stevia etc.

I think I stood staring into my pantry and fridge for a good 5 minutes, trying to figure out a way I could conjure up some tasty brownies.

Sweet potatoes + Cocoa powder + ripe banana + eggs + coconut flour + B.P+ Sea salt+ coconut oil + chocolate almond milk = BROWNIES.

Sort of. They are definitely not your typical Duncan Hines.. or betty crocker. but they were Whole 30 friendly and that’s what matters right?! They actually were quite tasty! And they disappeared FAST!


That is until I checked out the ingredients on the chocolate almond milk and it contains carrageen!! Sneaky little bugger.. 


Looks like I owe the Whole 30 team 100 burpees. (We made a deal, if anyone cheats you have to take the penalty of 100 burpees or 300kb swings.)

Then I got this text..


how honest are we?

At least we get to suffer together..

I never said it would be pretty.. or easy for that matter. But hey, it will be worth it.

Now, it is approximately 11:15 pm.. Way past my bedtime.. that 5:30 alarm comes fast.

Good night!


  1. Totally agree!! Sometimes i just want to eat! No time to make things look good

  2. Yup I agree- I don’t know how people make all of this awesome food plate it, take photos and THEN eat it.. I’ll never understand.. But it does make for fun stuff to drool over.. Honesty is important- and who wouldn’t want to do 100 burpees anyway?

  3. Haha, those thoughts about making food look pretty run through my mind all.the.time. :P If only someone would create smellavision for the computer, then regardless of how the food looks it could still be appealing!

  4. Hey- I found your blog through GPP- I am 32 weeks pregnant and am starting to really slow down and have less energy. I wanted to ask you what you did near the end of your pregnancy to maintain energy and keep eating healthy. I need a boost! Thanks for sharing all of your recipes, mom advice, and fitness goals. You are an inspiration to me!