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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Take me away..

Hey everyone!! It is fa reakin izzing.. outside!!

This might just put a damper in this weeks training runs.. I'm sorry but snotscicles are NOT my style.. 
What I would give to be in a warmer climate right about now!! Take me away! 

Cold weather kind of bums me out.. I'm totally a summer girl through and through.. But what makes any woman feel better? 
Even better, Chocolate and PB!
That's what I had for breakfast!

1/2 C. Old fashioned Oats cooked in the microwave with water for 1 minute
1/2 scoop of Elite Chocolate Whey Protein
1 Tbs of Cocoa Powder 
1 Tbs of freshly ground PB
1 TBS of Agave Nectar


In fact.. this made me feel better about the chilly weather. Warm, chocolate, peanut butter goodness. 
Did you see the rest of weeks forecast. .Chocolate PB oats will be definitely be a repeat this week. 

Its cold days like today, that I hibernate inside and get stuff done around the house
wish me luck. 

Right after a shake.. 

I know.. it looks gross.. But I was actually going for a almond joy shake. I just have A LOT of spinach.. (thanks costco) So I thought, Why not?! So just threw in a few handfuls.. 
Chocolate Protein + Spinach= ugly color
 It was still delicious..and I drank the entire thing. 
don't knock it till you try it ;)

Shout out Today to Grandma. 
Happy Birthday!! 

Thanks for being a great example of a mother and grandmother!! 


  1. The choco/pb looks awesome. I can't believe she's a grandma...she probably can't either!

  2. "I'm sorry but snotscicles are NOT my style" crack me up. It is SO cold out!!!

    Happy Birthday to your mom!! What a sweet pic of her holding your babies :-)

    Nothing makes me feel better in winter than chocolate and PB too!