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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hey everyone! I hope your having a super superbowl Sunday! Mister left to watch the game with his fam already..while I wait until two sleepy babies wake up and are ready to join in on the fun.. I thought I might as well re-cap yesterday. 
After a awesome Body Pump class, it was time for a training run. I decided that I didn't want to run by myself.. but who would I really talk into wanting to go to run 10 miles in the freezing cold??
It didn't take much negotiation ;)

This is Aspen, my parents dog, She is a Yellow lab full of energy.. so I decided she wouldn't complain.. 
and she didn't.. but guess who else wanted in on the fun?
Don't ask me how I got them away from the x-box.. but they agreed.. all 3 of them.. 
(you see J across the street?)

These handsome boys are my brothers! I was shocked.. I will admit I threw a orange leaf trip if they would keep up with me. 
They made it till about mile 6.
I took them anyway. 
What studs. 

I finished 10.41 in 1:43. Bring on the 1/2 
Glad to have the long run out of the way.. 
The rest of the day was full of errands, a birthday party and more errands. I don't think I sat down ALL DAY.. and or took a single pic of the craziness.. But thats the life. 

Later that night I was craving some RED MANGO
We shared a original with raspberries and granola! 
this is the perfect mixture!! 
..Love it..

Games on! Which means commercials are up! 
Time to go! 
Have a great Sunday! 

Tomorrow is our 3 year anniversary!! I can't even believe its been 3 years since we got married!!
I love him so much and always will.
We have a fun dinner planned tomorrow.. and I'm not making it. ;)

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