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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Climb

My morning started bright and early!
Stadiums anyone?
It was actually kind of fun? We did 4 rounds of 4 sets of different runs/jumps climbing up the steps and then completed a 400m run after each set. Being back at the track reminded me high school and I think I want to start spending a little more time on the track.
Then headed to GPP to tackle this workout. Back to back workouts are no joke. I felt great and even better to have both workouts behind me.
I came home and made a quick recovery shake, I used frozen cherries and chocolate protein! The combination was perfect! I also added a little spinach to the shake for some greens to go!
So, yesterday I briefly mentioned we took the twins swimming over the weekend, what I forgot to mention was that I decided to take Bee down a slide.. a slide that took us underwater at the end. Bee just got used to the water and I had to go do something like that… (not on purpose.. I really didn’t know we would go under at the end.) Needless to say she didn’t let go of me the rest of the time. I took the babes back to a splash pad today to see if I could get her comfortable in the water again.
It was worth a shot…
No luck but we are planning another swim tomorrow.. slide not included.
After a day out in the sun, I came home and made a huge salad beast. After yesterdays salad with the garden veggies I knew it was exactly what I wanted today.

I had some zico coconut water to wash it down. I will admit plain coconut water is not my favorite. I usually just use plain for protein shakes and drink the coconut flavors with a little added flavor. Pineapple is my fav!
I taught pump tonight and finished off with some light cardio, I  jumped on a elliptical for about 15 minutes and started to read a new book I borrowed from a friend.
Yes, that is a real book. (The first real book I have started to read in a while…) I have heard nothing but good things about this book so I am excited to really get in to it.
Has anyone read it yet?
I’m off to bed, tomorrow the plan is to start it off with a hike up my favorite trail!
Question of the day:
What is your favorite flavor of coconut water?
Track Workouts? Yay or Nay?

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