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Friday, August 10, 2012

Lets Break Up

Happy Friday!!
I was asked to be a fitmixer Ambassador awhile ago . I am a huge fan of fitmixer products and what they stand for. The people behind fitmixer truly want everyone to be their best selves. Our health is an important part of lives and on the fitmixer website Candice, Alicia, and Robin blog about everything health and fitness! You may also take part in the fitmixer boot camp program for fun workouts that you can do in your own home.

They have several products that can help you reach your fitness and nutritional goals. These are the two I keep stocked in my pantry. Brent LOVES both of these as well!
As a fitmixer Ambassador, I will be writing a post each month about a specific health or fitness topic chosen by fitmixer. This will help spread the word about the company and their amazing products and I will be hosting a bunch of giveaways for you to win some of it! (I also have my affiliate link on the sidebar if you want to purchase some product for yourself) This month’s fitmixer topic is geared toward saying goodbye to something that holds you back from achieving your health and fitness goals by writing a farewell letter and dismissing the issue from your life. It can be anything really—junk food, your love for sugar, negative thoughts, excuses, etc. I chose doubt to break up with.
Dear Doubt-
It’s about time I face you and let you really know how I feel. Can’t you notice that we have an unhealthy relationship? You’re always in my head and preventing me from doing what I want and know is possible— and it’s time for it to stop. We have been together for a long time now and I know you may always be a dark shadow in my head. In order for me to reach my fitness goals we need to break up.
I know you know what I'm getting at here so don’t act like nothing is wrong. When I shoot for a PR time or sign up for a race, you invade my mind and whisper things that make me think I can’t do it. Why would you do that to me? It’s a constant battle and you always seem to be triumphant.
It is almost as if you never want to see me succeed or reach my goals. Did you know, I really have been trying to avoid you for months? I really want to improve my speed, strength and get out of this slump I feel like I have been in. Some days I feel great but you always step in to ridicule me and its preventing me from reaching my goals.
Doubt, I’m sick of repeating this dreadful cycle. This is the end. We are SO done. I am going to reach my goals and you can’t stop me anymore. Goodbye doubt. See you never.
Good riddance!
Question of the Day:
To what or who do you need to break up with? What would it say?
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  1. Candice! Your break up letter gave me the chills. It was so inspiring! It makes me want to forget any and all doubt I have in my mind. You never cease to amaze me and I am always looking up to you. You are strong! I love you!

  2. LOVE it, Candice!! I need to break up with doubt too.
    So glad we're co-Ambassadors!!

  3. Looooooove your letter!! Way to show that "doubt" who's boss!! YOU ROCK!!!

  4. Excellent job that you have done! That is very intelligent work to avoid unhealthy relation. I support you, friend. All the best
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