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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Incline Walking Workout


I bought some new trail running shoes last weekend. I needed them for my rim to rim run that is coming up with my crazy friends, at the end of next month. I was really looking forward to breaking them in this week with a few hikes, but the weather didn’t get any better today. The wind is out of control!  It kept me up all night and has even reached 95 mph this morning! CRAZY!

I bought the Saucony Excursions for trail running this year. I went with black because they are bound to get muddy and dirty and figured black. I got a great deal on them at DSW! I couldn’t pass them up! I have never ran in Saucony’s before but have heard some great reviews from my Saucony friend diehard.



I love the GRID on the bottom of the shoe! I’m sure they will be great for climbing and blazing the trails with extra stability!. I love trail running and can’t wait to take them up the canyon. I couldn’t deal with the wind today though.. and the 34 degrees outside!

I fueled up on some oats and eggs before heading to the gym to “hike” on the treadmill.


I put blueberries, PB2, shredded coconut and chia seeds in the mix. The blueberries were frozen so I cooked them with the oats and they made my oats a lovely purpley-gray color. It was perfect fuel to get me through this 3 mile “hike.”

I covered 3 miles, all while catching up on the latest issue of oxygen. The high incline kept my heart rate up and I got a good sweat on by the end. Incline walking is no joke!



I reached 3 miles a little bit earlier then I thought! It felt good to sweat a little and break these shoes in!


I’m a fan of the Sauconys! They fit my feet perfectly! I bought them a half size bigger then my normal shoe size for a little extra room for my toes with all the hills and rocky terrain we are sure to experience during rim to rim!

Came home and had some sweet potato, eggs and spinach!


I don’t think I could ever get sick of sweet potatoes!



Time to shower and get ready for the day! Yes, it is almost two.  I’m contemplating taking a yoga class tonight…

Maybe I’ll stay for the whole class this time. Winking smile

Do you enjoy trail running?

Do you run in specific trail running shoes?