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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

That is a Sore-Maker.

Happy Wednesday!!

I woke up this morning at the butt crack of dawn.. early. To meet my sister at GPP for the WOD today. Meg-inator is one of our benchmark workout and it is a sore-maker.



I love working out with my sister (Heather, aka Feather)! She is one motivated chica! She has a job and goes to GPP super early most days of the week! She is loving it so far too! I love when I get to tackle a workout with her! We always have a good time and cheer each other on!


She makes Burpees look fun? Although, I need to inform her the clap at the top is cool. –Neil, I don’t want to hear it…. Winking smile

Last time I did this workout, I completed it in 15:47 with the RX weight which is #45lb thrusters and #25lb Kettle Bell Swings. This time I wanted to push it a little more so I used #55lb and a #35 KB. By round 18 my shoulders were screaming, so I dropped to #45 to finish it off at 17:41. A little slower but went heavier so I’ll take it as a win!

I also felt like running today again so I hit up the treadmill and completed 6 easy miles that went by sooooooo slowly… I love sprinting on the treadmill but if I am shooting for a distance I would much rather take it outside.. but not in the dark.


I went back in forth between speeds 7.2 and 6.2 at an incline of 1.5. I stopped and walked at mile 3 for a minute to grab a drink.

I haven’t ran since the relay- (Recap still coming!) So it felt good to run again. I also think it helps to run after a sore-maker like meg-inator, because it helps alleviate some of the lactic that was built up so I’m not as sore the next day.

I spent the majority of the day, hanging with the kiddos and even made some progress on my goal.

I got some of the twins clothes packed away and got my car cleaned! It’s amazing to me everything that can hide in there! Toys, Shoes, Books etc.

Check out this pic that is posted at a gym I work at, I can’t help but laugh a little when I pass it. Cute girl, yes. But 2 lb. weights? She is pumping it freals. Ha!


Questions of the day?

Do you have a workout partner?

What time of the day do you typically workout?

Did you run today? If so, how far?


  1. You seriously are my motivator & inspiration!!! this morning's workout was awesome & I love being able to see you first thing in the morning! Thank you for pushing me to the finish & keeping going, I couldn't have done it without you! You are AMAZING!!!xo love this post!

  2. oh.... that gold's gym pic. love it. even better because of the make up and hair done. I know that's how I work out... oh wait. I'm usually a sweaty, dry heaving mess when I'm done. LOL. ;)