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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Getting Ready to GO!

I have been busy the past two days clamoring to get things ready to go for the relay this weekend! I made a quick to-do list this morning and got to work.. As I was crossing stuff off the list I just felt like I was adding more stuff to it. It was never ending really… I need to just focus on one thing at a time instead of just half doing stuff here and there because it is now 10:43PM and only about 3 things are actually done and ready to go and the rest is about half way there.


Tomorrow morning we are packing up and shipping out for RRR.


I’m excited to spend the weekend with these girls again.


Red Rock Relay is the best relay race I have ever done. It is the most organized race I’ve done and its put on by some pretty cool peeps. Oh, ya and is a partnership with GPP as well.



See me?

This morning for my workout I went to GPP, bright dark and early for this workout again. It was just as grueling and sweaty like it was last time. I actually really do love this workout. I just took it one rep at a time until I reached the final round and then wanted to cry I was so happy.. you know that feeling your body is screaming at you in a race and you finally cross the finish line?

Kiiiiiiinda like that…..but better.

It is ROUGH!



I didn’t take any time today to really take pictures of my meals besides my green smoothie in my big ol’ green cup!


I got all my food prep done this afternoon and ready to go. For my recovery drink powder, I pulled out the twins formula dispenser.


I think it will be pretty handy to just dump in a water bottle and shake instead of fiddling around with a ziploc, like I usually do and end up spilling the majority of the powder all over. It has 4 separate compartments that are the perfect serving size!


This was one of my favorite things when the twins were smaller and had to have formula to supplement while on the go.


GENIUS, I know.

I was pretty excited about it for like an hour.. I even UN packed it to show Brent how smart I am.

He was so proud.

My legs for the race aren’t to shabby- 5.7, 3.7. and 6.2.

I still have a ton to get done so I’m going to peace out of here and get to freaking work. I better set the timer and go “for time.” I’m hoping for a new PR. Winking smile

Have a good night friends!


  1. Good luck at RRR! You'll do great. Can't believe you did Specter today. You amaze.

  2. SUCH A GOOD IDEA!!! Thanks for sharing, good luck this weekend!!