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Monday, December 13, 2010

{Long time}

Wow! I really have never taken a break from blogging for so long! I apologize. The holidays are simply In-freaking-sane for our family! There is no better way to explain it. How are you all holding up around the holidays? Christmas is literally in 12 days! So excited!!
I'm sure all of you have parties on top of parties, CELEBRATE them!
Here are some tips to help avoid the holiday gain!

#1. Fill up on veggies and fruit.
Most holiday parties are buffet style. Avoid the cheeseball and crackers and pack your plate full of the fruit and veggies.

#2. Bring a Healthy Treat
Most holiday shin digs include the delicious fudge and big chocolate chip cookies! If you bring some healthy granola to fill up on, you will have something healthy and scrumptious to eat.

#3. Have 2nds.
Yes, really.. but not 3rds. k?

#4 Take your camera
have your meal then pull out the camera. You need both hands to capture a moment. Then you won't have one hand to bring those treats into your mouth.

#5 Workout
Don't forget your workout, It doesn't need to be long or strenuous, JUST MOVE. Turn on the christmas music and have a dance off with your baby or kids. They will love it! and you will burn a few extra calories ;)

#6 Don't Diet
The holidays are not a time to START a diet.. Really.. don't try. It most likely will be an epic failure. But as I ALWAYS say just eat smart. Drink water, Pick healthy alternatives and have one piece of dessert instead of 10. You will be just fine.

#7. Eat something with protein before!
Why? because most likely you don't know what they are going to serve at the party.  And if you have something before you will be less likely to over indulge at the party!

#8 Bring a bar
Have something in your purse just in case the party is full of calorie packed treats that way you can have your treat on the way home ;) It could be an apple, luna bar, whatever!

#9 be fashionable late
Don't tell them I told you though.. but if your a little late you might just miss out on fatting appetizer and treats before the actual meal. (I never do this on purpose, two carseats, procrastination, etc.) But it happens.

#10 Relax
Its the holidays, Just enjoy them. It comes by once a year. You are allowed to have fun and indulge. Have a treat. And don't feel bad about it ;)

One reason why I haven't been posting is because I haven't really had time to bake anything interesting or different.. Holiday parties run my life right now.. But when I am home I eat the same and its pretty LAME...
But its my routine. it works for me and I love it.
I've been getting asked lately what my day consist of.. besides changing diapers, playing, feeding the babes. This is how I eat.

Breakfast: Old fashioned oats!
This changes day to day.. but today.
1/2 C. old fashioned oats
agave nectar
1 tbs of AB
1/2 scoop of protein (elite gourmet vanilla)


Post Workout

PROTEIN SHAKE: this also varies day to day

Almond JOY 
1 scoop of protein (choc. elite whey)
water/milk of your choice
1/2 banana
cap full of coconut extract
coconut flakes optional


Egg whites
Green beans
exciting huh.
OH yes.. not pictured

Protein Shake on the rocks. w/ a few almonds on the side.
This is simple and holds me off till dinner. All it is, 1.5 scoop of protein mixed with almond milk or water shake it up and add a few ice cubes. 
(sorry no pic)


 and you can even find it on sale* but I usually get it at costco!

Add veggies

Roasted butternut squash and Sweet potatos (yams)

So good.

Thats my day. and ill even have another protein shake on the rocks if I want it.
same & lame ;)
But it works

But Hey I'm Human I do eat treats..

Peanut Butter Cups

1. Melt 2 squares of Bakers chocolate with a small scoop of coconut oil.& 1 tsp of vanilla. Mix in agave till sweetness is how you like it.
2. Melt PB, I used pb & company white choc. w/ grounded PB 
3. Pour Chocolate in bottom of cupcake cups.

4.Then pour in as much PB as you like and top it off with chocolate.
5. Put in freezer for about 10 minutes till hard 
6. ENJOY!!

Another reason why I haven't blogged is because I have been busy making holiday bows..
(I make bows)

I have a few different styles..
 I'm thinking a christmas giveaway?
Info will follow tomorrow ;)