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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Healthy HOlidaYs!!

I'm sorry its been so long since I have posted! These past few weeks have been go go go.... I don't know about you but the during the holidays I just feel like I'm being pulled in a trillion different directions! family parties, baking, studying, teaching, babies, babies... babies! And that is what is on the top of my priority list right now.

If you haven't read the tips to help avoid holiday weight gain. READ it! But the best advice I could give is just get moving. Even if your workout is 10 minutes long.. even if its just a quick push up burnout. or how about burpees,  Whatever you like!

Christmas is in 2 days! what?! I love this time of year but it just comes and leaves to fast! don't you think.. ? But when it comes to santa stuffing your stocking. Make sure you tell him you want some healthy schtuff...

 Healthy Stocking treats

Protein bars! low sugar. low cal. These are my absolute favorite!!

I love PB anything.. and these rock for protein bars! (source)

Jerky!! I love Turkey Jerky. High Protein and low cal!


Dark chocolate

Healthy antioxidants!! just be sure to get more then 60% cocoa ;) (source)


Pistachios are the lowest cal nut and include healthy fat needed to help burn fat! 

and P.S  don't forget the orange

There you go!! That will be one healthy stocking!! ;)

During the holiday season its hard to pick the healthy side of anything.. because lets face it.. grandmas traditional homemade pie is irresistible and can't be NOT eaten.. right.. Go for it. Eat it. But just eat one. or try just having 2 bites and put it down for a minute. If it lives up to being "worth it" go ahead and finish it. ;) Cause of course I will.. There are times of the year when its perfectly fine to indulge and Christmas is one of them! 

Be sure to get your protein in. Chicken, Shakes, Egg whites, almonds, etc. During the holidays its just more convenient to go for carbs, ex.  bread, cookies, muffins, pancakes etc. 

I always whip up a shake BEFORE I head to a family party. That way I'm not deprived if there isn't many "healthy choices" available. 

Chocolate lovin.

1.5 scoop of protein
2 C. water or almond milk


Choose a healthy Egg white Scramble  with a slice of whole wheat or Ezekiel Toast.

eat healthy at home and at your holiday shindigs you are allowed to taste test dessert..

Check out the Bement family dessert.. ;)

(get it?.. dad mom and the twins ;) )

Every year Mr. B and I throw a ugly Christmas party and its always a good time! 

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!