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Monday, December 13, 2010

.Getting Pregnant..

So. Yes, sometimes it seems like when we want to be pregnant.. we simply Can't get pregnant.. really whats the deal. I will share my story later. But I want to put this out there. There are so many things that take play while "trying" to be pregnant.
Thyroid, your lovely cycle, timing.. timing.., ovulation., weight, activity, body fat, healthy "issues" etc. SO many things take play.. (& no its not a fun game) 
Some women are lucky and can get pregnant right off the bat.. for most, its not the can take several months, and or years. 
one thing that worked for me.
get it. use it. love it. 
& no.. you aren't guaranteed to have twins.. haha.. FYI:  that lovely gene runs in my family...  
Good luck!