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Friday, October 5, 2012


Happy Friday! Do you have some fun plans for the weekend?!

This morning I headed to GPP for a new to me workout!


WOW. My abs are already feelin’ it! My abs hardly ever get sore, but this workout hit them in a whole different way! Anytime I need to hold a wieght over my head it turns into a mental battle to get through, until the last rep.

Seriously, Awesome!

I am big on motivational quotes, I love them, I collect them. - Whenever I am having a rough day or to get me through the last few miles of a marathon or even to get me through workouts like todays.
Pinterest is chuck full of them. One of my favorites is this one.


When the going gets tough at any time in my life, whether it be in the gym or at home this quote always pops into my head.

It helps me to dig a little deeper and overcome the small voice in my head that doubts my actions. I believe I can be stronger then I think when the going gets tough.

I love to push my limits at the gym, you might even say I enjoy a little pain every now and then. After a hard workout, that was really challenging to me I feel a huge sense of accomplishment and I feel stronger then I did before.

Motivation is key to the victories in life. Big or small.

Dedication is what will make you great!



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Question of the Day

What gets you through when the going gets tough?