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Friday, October 12, 2012

Construction Zone

Hey guys!! TGIF!!

Sorry for posting sooooo late, but we have been a bit under construction tonight.

More on that later.

Last night I headed out with the girls to a haunted house! I haven’t been to a haunted house since… high school?

I love haunted houses, but I guess the $20 price tag to walk through them brought out the cheap skate in me the past few years…

Side note: Whenever Brent and I think the other person is being cheap or just doesn’t want to pay the price for something - for example: jeans, movies, lulu, tips, etc. - We instantly start whispering cheeeeeeaaaap in the others ear… I like to pinch pennies where I can but I am one person that doesn’t mind paying the extra dollar for quality stuff, good service, fundraisers, benefits etc. Good thing I am married to an accountant huh?!


We were able to find some discount tickets for the haunted house we were going to so that helped ease “cheap ghost” in me. My sister came, some girls I used to work for at the dental office, and my friend Melissa from my gym.

I put on make-up, did my hair and even wore jeans.


It happens people. ---- Rarely.

Since I do so many race reviews, I figure maybe I can throw in a haunted house review.

Tis the season.

We went to Nightmare on 13th in SLC. Since it was a weeknight it wasn’t to packed and didn’t end up having to wait in line for to long.. maaaaybe 30 minutes. I was impressed that once you get inside they have a little fright show while you wait. The mechanics throughout the haunted house was pretty cool. This guy was right out front- he moves and talks.


While we were outside we took advantage of a quick photo op with some tall zombie horned dude.


The haunted house included several different rooms and took us about 45 minutes to get through. There were zombies, clowns, spinning crap, spiders, insane asylum, chainsaw man the basic haunted house. I loved all the extra stuff the haunted house had built in like the floor dropping, moving walls, creepy jumpy things, water falls, door slams etc. I didn’t like that there wasn’t very many creepy people though.. you know the ones that follow you around and breathe down your back, or pop out to scare you? I found out later that the characters are actually all just volunteers.. you go, they do your makeup and put you in a room and your on your own.

Maybe that is why I overall thought the haunted house was lame sauce. Oh, and it was a sauna inside. Literally, I was melting! I’m not one person to get super hot like that either, but it was pretty steamy in there.

We got a free pic though! Which is a great bonus right?



My last post I mentioned a big purchase..

We purchased flooring!!

When Brent and I moved into our house a few years ago, the white linoleum has always been a eye sore.. I hated it. The carpet had been well used.. but because we couldn’t afford it at the time we put off replacing it. The living room had tannish carpet and was pretty hashed to begin with, add two toddlers in the mix and that carpet has seen its last day. We decided it is time to take it out and bring in the new!

We headed to prosource flooring on Wednesday and went through so many samples of hardwood, tile, and laminate. Considering, time, mula etc. we decided on laminate.

I don’t want carpet in my living room (Ill get a big rug) so we are putting the laminate through high traffic areas, living room and the kitchen!

It is quite the process.


I can’t wait to see it finished!

Tomorrow I’m teaching pump while Brent works on our floor.. I have got to keep the kiddos out of the house most of the day so I may get a little shopping in..

Don’t tell the cheap ghost.Winking smile

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  1. SO exciting that y'all are getting new flooring! Halloween is HUGE in Charleston. There is a haunted house near us that is literally packed every weekend night. We've never gone. I like being scared...but I"m a total baby. Love the pictures. And uh so with you on the hair and makeup ;)